How we do business // Problem solvers who think beyond the immediate project

With the broad range of technical and industry experience amongst the team, all personnel at MAC are involved in a wide variety of projects and services for our clients.

Through this broad exposure, we provide a full cycle delivery. We welcome requests for development of specific custom solutions tailored to your requirements.

We provide services for a project from the conceptual design stage, estimating, engineering and design, purchasing through to field start-up, commissioning and handover including the overall project management for all phases of the project.

Our in-house staff have electrical, instrumentation, controls and automation qualifications. We have affiliations with EPC companies that provide the civil, process, piping and mechanical disciplines when requested to execute the complete project with all engineering disciplines.

Companies are looking for ways to integrate their IT systems and emerging technologies with industrial control system networks. This provides them with a way of allowing their accounting and management systems to exchange information with their field control systems. It also fulfills their needs to provide remote access support to their facilities. MAC Engineering helps clients develop standards and design their networks to do this in a secure manner. MAC can also help identify security loopholes in existing systems and provide solutions for making industrial control system networks less susceptible to threats.

We develop standards and specifications for our clients in addition to providing updates to client's existing standards and specifications. The Standards and Specifications are for utilization as the client's standards for operations and maintenance and/or for the purchase of electrical, instrumentation and automation equipment for a specific project. The benefits are standardization, cost savings for future installations and upgrades, and increased efficiencies in utilization of systems.

Quality assurance

MAC Engineering Inc. and MAC Automation Inc. are committed to providing quality services and products to our customers. To accomplish this, we have developed a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that covers all aspects of the services we provide. In addition, we are dedicated to:

  • Integrity in all aspects of our business;
  • Customer satisfaction with every product and service;
  • Services and products that meet or exceed customer requirements at a cost competitive price;
  • Ongoing evaluation of procedures and practices as necessary to maintain effective and efficient services; and
  • Continuing education and professional development activities to further enhance employee qualifications.

Full Cycle Delivery

Guiding principles

The following key elements are the basis of how MAC Engineering conducts its business:

Technical expertise and project execution methods that take into account budget, schedule and quality objectives. The overall objective is to deliver safe, reliable and efficient outcomes for our client's operations and systems.

While maintaining engineering excellence we stay focused on the business objectives of our clients and their projects. Where necessary and appropriate, we will reassess the technical solutions to ensure the business objectives are also met. Regimented project reporting and project management ensure the ongoing visibility of the business objectives.

The staff and project resources are supported by ongoing mentoring and direct support from the owners and management of MAC Engineering. Even on projects where the client only requires one individual, a senior staff member will be assigned to monitor and mentor that one individual. The team approach described below further contributes to the development of our personnel.

During the course of our work and at the completion of a project, we provide extensive and detailed documentation as part of our design deliverables. This provides our clients with easy reference to the state of their systems and facilities.

Each client and project is unique. Thus, every project or assignment begins with a comprehensive understanding of the client's business and technical objectives. We scope the requirements thoroughly and provide services and solutions to meet the objectives.

Vision and values

At MAC, we are customer-oriented and talented problem-solvers who think beyond just the immediate project. Our primary focus is on establishment of key, long term client relationships.

Establishing long-term client relations for collaborative and consistent delivery of engineering services.

To contribute to our client's business and technical objectives with engineering and project execution excellence.

Providing a team of dynamic, skilled, empowered, motivated and dedicated personnel to contribute to the business and technical objectives of our clients. To learn more about how we implement these philosophies, please see our guiding principles section below.

Empowering our personnel to deliver business and technical solutions to our clients and to foster positive relationships with our clients.